Upon arriving in a new country to live or for work you are naturally required to complete some paperwork.

For example, depending on your personal circumstances, you may be required to apply for a residence permit. You may also need to apply for a personal ID number (CPR number) in order to gain access to public services and deal with financial matters.

Below is a list of key issues that may apply to you when moving to Denmark to live and work. Not all of these apply to everybody, so be sure to carefully review the separate sections on the left-hand side.

An overview of what is required

Most EU/EEA citizens (except Nordic citizens) arriving in Denmark to work and live are required to obtain an EU residence permit, whereas most citizens from outside the EU/EEA generally need to apply to their local Danish embassy in advance for a Danish residence permit.
When residing in Denmark you will need a CPR number, or personal ID number, to interact with Danish public authorities
Residents in Denmark are issued with a Danish healthcare card that grants access to Danish public healthcare

If you receive income you will be required to complete a tax registration
A bank account in a Danish bank is generally required when receiving payment from a Danish employer
In order to drive in Denmark as a resident you may need to apply for a new driving license.

Please be aware that you will often need to provide some of the following items when completing an application for any of the abovementioned documents. You will be informed of the requirements when applying.

  • A home address in Denmark
  • Original passport or other valid travel document
  • Passport photos (one per applicant)
  • Birth certificate(s)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Contract of employment or a declaration of employment (if working in Denmark)



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